iOSMobileTable with Search on iPad

I’ve got an app for iPad where I’m trying not to use a splitview or display the Navigation Bar for aesthetic reasons. So I can’t get access to the searchbar on a screen with the table that allows search. Is there any workaround for this by, say, using a textfield above the table that sends its contents to the invisible searchbar?

I know how to set placeholder text in the searchbar but I really prefer not to display the navigation bar.

I’d like to have multiple tables on one screen, but only one needs the searchbar. I suppose I could use a splitview and maybe make this look better.

Why do you need a searchBar if you are willing to use a textfield above the table?

The textfield’s TextChanged event will present the same features as the Table’s SearchChanged event.

I guess I was hoping for something more clever where I don’t have to make the textfield look like a search field. But hey, that’s life.

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