iOSMobileTable: Errors in ApplyActionsFor Row and RowActionSelected

Using sample code from the Language Reference, I am coming out of Run with one Syntax error on RowActionSelected and one Type Mismatch error on ApplyActionsForRow.

The code is applied to an iOSMobileTable in two event handler code sections - the goal is to have Edit and Delete show up in the available actions for each row item, a medication.

– This (below) the ApplyActionsForRow code –

–This (below) is the RowActionSelected code –

Now, when I change the code to the following, there are no errors and I do not know how to activate these row actions.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 6.32.43 PM

Much appreciation to all who can help me understand how to get this working. #n00b

You need to use the newer iOSMobileTableRowAction class instead of the API1 iOSTableRowAction. Update your functions to use that instead and the issue should be resolved.

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So that fixes one error… not sure how to get the RowActionSelected portion of my code to actually show the Edit and Delete options.


I did stumble upon the UserGuide:iOS_Mobile_Table web page so maybe I can find some kind of way to do this on that page.

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