iOSLocation when not moving

Normally the locationchanged event is used to read the current location.
How do I get the location of someone sitting at home and not moving around, thus not triggering locationchanged event?

The LocationChanged event fires right away upon initialization, so that will be the user’s location sitting at home, until they move again.

Yes OK so the system has he info but the app needs the LocationChanged event. Is it possible to fire an event by code in the app-open for instance.

As I said, the LocationChanged event fires when the app is run.

There’s an iOSLocation example included with Xojo. Example Projects > iOS > Controls > Location.

Build it and install it on a real device and you will see the current location of the device.

OK Thanks. I assume it is the simulator not simulating properly in this case

In the simulator you will need define a custom location to debug the current location
Simulator Menu > Debug > Location

Thanks Jeremie, I’ll check it out.