IOSImage - blob problem

Have a database with 3 records which have a picture defined as a “blob” in each.

Desktop app read and displays all 3 without problem.

IOS app read and displays the 1st and 3rd without problem. The IOS app just quits.

Is there anyway to trap this exception or something so it won’t just quit?

The System log:

Dec 19 12:20:55 RiMac.local xa EEIOS.debug[52239]: Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/ObjectGlue.cpp: 168
Failure Condition: mClassPtr

Please file a bug report. In the interim, you can put this code in your App Open event:

Dim o As Object If o IsA Xojo.Core.BadDataException Then Break

Case #37440

Well the Feedback case was rejected with the explanation that there was no image in the database field.

Good! So it ok to get a dataexception.

Anyway my solution is:

Dim data As MemoryBlock data = vehicleRS.Field("pic").NativeValue if data.size <> 0 then c.pic = iOSImage.FromData(vehicleRS.Field("pic").NativeValue) end if