iOSControls update

I did a feature request for IDE editable cells but in the alpha stage.
Christoph did another one in november.

But with a little more experience on the framework and on the declares I think we need a new feature request for an editable (at least by code) iosCellData

Thanks Ulrich for taking time to look into this. Appreciated.

Seems we really need a way to use custom cells.

You’re very welcome, Christoph!
In case you like to experiment yourself I updated the Git repository. Hope I didn’t forget anything this time :smiley:

EDIT: Btw, Cellheight works, and not only in the open event. You just have to call mytable.ReloadData after a change to this property.

Here’s the feedback link in case you have some points to spend:


the git repository is still incomplete, some pic are missing.


I’m still struggling with SourceTree, Sorry! Can you tell me what files the IDE complains about? Will add them manually, SourceTree tells me everything’s fine.

EDIT: I just downloaded a ZIP from the repository. You can ignore the question for App Icon and Start Images – there are none. The other four pics are included, and I recommend setting the output to iPad 2 to get everything on screen. This setting seems to get lost. But then it’s working nicely.

… and thanks for the note! Until I find a better way to include the pictures, I added an “Important” section to the repository description.

… at least there will be soon (another update):
I finally managed to get the UIEffectView class working. I’ll put up a short doc and then update the lib.
Please note I will be changing the subclass names as requested by Christian, but not every module name. The modules are intended for supplying missing features in the current Xojo implementation and will be reduced when the appropriate part is added to the iOS Framework.
For now I wanted to share a photo already :smiley: