iOSCanvas PointerDown doesn't fire

I am sorry to bother you again but I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours now and it just doesn’t work.

My iOS project has a custom table cell which has a canvas on it and a label. I want the text color of the label to change when I touch the canvas. Neither the PointerDown nor the PointerUp fire though. I have set break points but the debugger doesn’t even enter the Event Handler method at all.

I’ve tried everything, the canvas being the parent of the label, the other way round, no parenting. Deleted the entire custom table cell, the canvas, the label. I have deleted single code lines to find out which line might cause the issue but it just doesn’t work. Tried all different devices in the simulator. It’s getting frustrating. It all works fine in another project but not in this one. Does anybody have an idea?

This is what I call when I open the view (to add a row to the table tblSettings):


Dim cell As iOSTableCellData

cell = Row_Settings(tblSettings, strText(6) + ": " + strText(0), “settings_language.png”)
tblSettings.AddRow (0, cell)

And this is the Row_Settings code (“ctcSettings” is my custom table cell where the canvas is):

[code]Function Row_Settings (table As iOSTable, strHeaderText As Text, strIcon As Text) As iOSTableCellData
Dim cell As iOSTableCellData = table.CreateCustomCell(GetTypeInfo(ctcSettings))
Dim customCell As ctcSettings = ctcSettings(cell.Control)

customCell.recItem.CornerHeight = 20
customCell.recItem.CornerWidth = 20

customCell.lblTitle.Text = strHeaderText

Dim imageFile As FolderItem, image As iOSImage
imageFile = SpecialFolder.GetResource(strIcon)
Image = iOSImage.FromFile(imageFile)
customCell.imgIcon_Left.Image = Image

Return cell
End Function[/code]

Can you share the project?

After a night session, I finally figured it out! The table which I was adding the custom cell to, was the child of a rectangle. Once I unparented the table, it worked.

Again, I am sorry for all the questions and thank you all for your help.