iOS7SimulatedControls Example

I was hoping to implement one of the io7 simulated controls (2019r1.1) as per Xojo Examples. However when testing, I find that most of these controls do not work in Edge browser.
I found following characteristics:-
Ms Explorer 11 - All controls work, but response VERY slow (sometimes > 2s)
Ms Edge 44.18362 - BorderlessButton1 ok All other controls fail to act at all.
Chrome 81.0.4044.129 - All controls work fine / sometimes 0.5s lag
iPad Air iOS 12.4.5 / Safari - All controls work fine and fast
Firefox 75.0 - All controls work fine (slow at first, then fast on second iterations)

I wonder what parts of this example app are causing such issues with some browsers?? Does anyone else see similar results with this example??

Considering these controls were designed just for iOS before other browsers were even possible on iOS, I wouldn’t expect them to run reliably anywhere else.

I don’t specifically recall, but they probably use -WebKit CSS prefixes which are not guaranteed to work in browsers other than Safari at all.

Ahh - Ok, fair enough. I have created my own slide-switches by using WebContainer and a couple of WebRectangles (no canvas) - and that works pretty good on all platforms.