iOS Xojo Notes Sample App - Corrections and fix's to make it working as demo


For all of people who are new in Xojo bellow are some tweaks to get Xojo Notes Sample App to work on Xojo 2016 R4.1

Case 1:
In DetailView, Note property, SET part of code should be fixed as bellow:

		mNote = value
		NoteTitleField.Text = mNote.Title
		NoteDetailsArea.Text = mNote.Details
		CategorySelector.Item(mNote.Category).Selected = True
		'CategorySelector.Value = mNote.Category
		'IconSelector.Value = mNote.IconNum
		IconSelector.Item(mNote.IconNum).Selected = True
		NoteTitleField.Enabled = True
		NoteDetailsArea.Editable = True
		CategorySelector.Enabled = True
		IconSelector.Enabled = True

Case 2:
DELETE button not working on right part of view when you are trying/using app on iPad simulator.
In iPhone simulator is working.

If something come more I will update this conversation.
If anyone else have some new update please share.

Hope admin’s of forum will understand this.

It works on iPhone, but causes an exception on iPad.

Since it’s far too easy to miss stuff like this in the forum, I’ve created <> to track this issue. If you find anything else related to this, please use Feedback to add it to the feedback case.

Okay Paul. No problem. Will do if something come up in mean time.

I’ve attached an updated XojoNotes for iOS project to the case.