IOS xojo id: entry point (start) undefined: Usually in crt1.o

This is in the BETA of mojave I get the error

xojo id: entry point (start) undefined: Usually in crt1.o

Just a heads up, I know its beta O/S

Mojave is out but unfortunately this problem still exists.

Trying to run any iOS project, even the simplest “hello world” example, will fail and give this error.

I noticed a tweet from Xojo about 2018r2 not officially supporting Mojave but not having any known issues either so I was wondering If someone else out there can build iOS projects under Mojave. Running MacOS projects works without problems.

I have installed Xcode 9 and selected it as the default for command line tools and I am signed in both in Xojo and in Xcode.

We are looking into this. <>

It is now marked as “Fixed and Verified”, so what’s exactly the solution? waiting for the new release 2018r3? No offense, just want to know if I already upgraded to Mojave, what can I do? Thanks!

There are only two choices because of a change in 10.14:

  1. downgrade to High Sierra
  2. use 2018r3