IOS & Xojo 2013 future pricing model

My understanding is that support for IOS will come sometime this year. I presume that based on the new “Pay as you publish” licensing model that there will be an individual license cost for IOS as per the current Console, Desktop, Web, Database offerings for non Pro versions.

Should I choose to purchase a Pro-license let’s say tomorrow and IOS does become a reality this year will i get this as part of my quaterly update or will I have to purchase IOS as an add-on.?

Surely not this model. Pretty sure of it.

Our current licensing is not “pay as you publish.” Once you purchase a deployment license there are no restrictions for how often you can compile, sell your apps, etc.

iOS support will not be included in any current edition of Xojo for free. We will announce more information about pricing when we get closer to the release date.

Pay as you publish, deployment license whatever it’s now known as it’s means the same to me in the sense that "I wish to deploy/publish my console application (As many times as I like) then yes I purchase a console license.

WIll IOS be included as part of a quarterly release update for Pro-version license holders or will this be an additional feature cost?

She answered that. If you listen, they haven’t made any decisions they want to share at this point.

I’m not sure the steps exactly yet for Xojo Pro users, but it will not be automatically included free of charge.

If I needed your input Richard I would have asked you for it.

Thanks for verification.

Makes sense for us postpone the purchase of a Pro-license at this present time pending the release of support for IOS and the costs that will accompany this.

So what will be the likely additional cost to build for IOS targets. Less than $500?

Can you confirm that IOS support will be available before the end of this year?

Pay as you publish sounds entirely different from the current model and it would be misleading to a lot of people to call it that. I would quit researching a product if it had a license by that name. You’re gonna spread a lot of FUD to new users.


I download the Xojo IDE. Create and new Desktop project, add a push button with an click event msgbox("build"). I want to now build/compile/publish my application as an executable binary. In order to do this I have to purchase a license to do this so yes it is “Pay as you Publish, Compile, Deploy, Build” etc…

Can you confirm that IOS support will be available before the end of this year?

You need to have a build license. Once you have that license you don’t need to pay anything else whether you publish or not.

I can confirm that was the timeframe they discussed. No one can confirm if they will meet that target.

The keynote recap covers timelines for iOS and other stuff:

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Actually this is precisely why we don’t makes such promises as you’re asking for