iOS USB/Bluetooth


A quick look through the iOS docs didn’t give me any clues and a test iOS project does not reveal anything obvious, so I thought I’d ask here. Is there a way to get data in from the outside world via this new XOJO framework on iOS? Declares may be one route I guess, but was hoping to find something more integrated. Specifically, looking to use serial data and control either over the wire or a bluetooth link to an external microcontroller. I know it’s a bit of an early ask given r3 has just been launched but are there any plans to have the Serial functionality on the desktop projects available in iOS. Wonder if I should open open a feature request - or is anyone working on this already?

Thank you.

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You could use a WIFI to Serial adapter and connect to it from your iOS app using a TCP socket. Or you could write a “serial server” helper app that runs on a computer connected to the serial device. The server would send and receive the serial data to/from your iOS app over TCP. The Bluetooth SPP profile is not currently supported on iOS.

Thanks David.

WiFi may be a possibility, yes. Did not realise SSP not supported on iOS (at least not without MFI if I understand correctly). . just increases cost/complexity ratio for some products. There are products like Redpark serial cables and SDK although these can only be used with non app store apps and I’d be using Xcode for that anyway.

Anyway, first impressions of XOJO iOS quite positive, not sure I like iOS’s approach to connectivity for external instrumentation and I’m not big enough to afford the MFI program.

Right now Jolla’s “other half” concept look more appealing in terms of electronic interfacing.