ios update sqlite CRASH

my ios works on ios simulator, but crashes on the device


  1. read -> TextField1 shows data
  2. read -> TextField1 shows new data


  1. read -> TextField1 shows data
    2.update CRASH
    3. read -> TextField1 shows new data


Dim dbFile as FolderItem

If dbFile.Exists Then

App.db = new SQLiteDatabase
app.db.DatabaseFile = dbFile
If app.db.Connect Then
  Dim rs as SQLiteRecordSet
  rs = app.db.SQLSelect("SELECT * FROM whatever")
  If rs <> Nil Then
    TextField1.Text =  rs.Field("name").TextValue
  End If
end if

end if[/code]


If app.db <> nil Then

If app.db.Connect Then
  Dim sql As Text
  sql = "UPDATE whatever SET name = 'a' WHERE id = 1"
end if

end if[/code]

[quote] Dim dbFile as FolderItem dbFile=SpecialFolder.GetResource("Main.db")[/quote]
your db is in your bundle so read-only on device

what can I use to have read/write access?


Dim dbFile as FolderItem dbFile=SpecialFolder.GetResource("Main.db")

and here

[code][Begin BuildStepList iOS
Begin BuildProjectStep Build
Begin SignProjectStep Sign
Begin CopyFilesBuildStep CopyFiles1
AppliesTo = 0
Destination = 1
Subdirectory =
FolderItem = Li4ATWFpbi5kYg==

First of all the copy files step must be before the signProject step otherwise the bundle will have the wrong signature.

It’s ok to “save” the db in the bundle as long it will be readonly
if you need to modify it you can create a new db in your app documents folder, attach the original db, copy the data and detach the original

dear antonio

can you upload an project that can read and write from a sqlite database and
works on an ios device?

thanks a lot

See the Eddie’s Electronics iOS example. It shows how to do copy a DB to the bundle using a Copy File Step and then copy it out of the bundle to Documents using SpecialFolder and FolderItem.

Eddie’s Electronics iOS example crashes also!!! on a device, please try it on your iphone.

they use

dbFile = SpecialFolder.GetResource("EddiesElectronics.sqlite")

GetResource is the right way to get the file in the bundle so you can copy it to a writeable area.

The EE crash is caused by a corrupted auto-layout setting. This fix didn’t make it into b6, but it will be in the fc. You can temporarily work around that by removing the label on the About view.


you are wrong. EE works in b6:-) thxs