iOS - Unsupported Features List?

I searched to find a list of concepts from the Xojo Language & Frameworks that will not be supported in any future iOS target but could not find one. I know that the whole iOS thing is still under development but has Xojo released a list of things that will not be supported?

I came to this question because I was wondering if XojoScript would be supported on iOS as I need to implement a feature in an application where the user can code a response to some application event and I need to choose to either make my own simple scripting ‘language’ or allow the use of the more powerful XojoScript and I would like to take much of the application code to iOS in the future. Then I thought, if Xojo Inc. know that some things are just not going to work it would be good to have a list of them so I can avoid them now.

We don’t typically release details of what a features set will/will not include until we are much closer to release. Things like that are always subject to change until the very last moment.

:slight_smile: Thanks Greg, I did factor that kind of reply into my thoughts but I wondered more if Apple’s policies may preclude some things rather than your own development considerations. Are you or anyone else able to confirm that Apple will allow something like XojoScript in a Xojo iOS application or place any significant restrictions on its functionality?

There’s always that possibility. Apple’s policies seem to change a lot, so even if I speculated today, I’d still probably be wrong the next time they released the OS. I think the safest thing to do is to wait until we get closer to release to ask these questions.

You can use scripting languages in iOS apps. You just can’t download arbitrary code from the Internet. Everything has to exist in the binary or be typed in on the device.

Thanks for clarifying that Phillip, Codea and TechBASIC are the ones that I saw and made me think it might be possible. I saw that Codea also has a feature where it exposes a Web editor screen so you can point a browser at your iPad and edit/run from an external device, it is a nice way to presumably circumvent the restriction and broaden its use and it would let you conveniently cut & paste from elsewhere.

I am looking forward to iOS - one day soon hopefully :slight_smile:

What do you have to do to get onto the beta programme for Xojo? I would like to get an early introduction to iOS and help with ideas + bugs if possible.

Just to be clear. Philip’s statement does not mean that XojoScript will work in iOS.

Access to Beta releases is included with Xojo Pro. Otherwise, Beta testers are by invitation only.