iOS UNNotificationRequest?


Has anyone got any code to share re using UNNotificationRequest (which replaces UILNotification in iOS 10)?


UILocalNotification is now deprecated (might even be dropped in iOS 11) and replaced by UNNotificationRequest.

Just bumping this thread to ask if Jonathan or anyone else has been able to use it in a Xojo app yet.

Gavin, I’m no longer using XOJO and am porting everything to Swift, I love XOJO but it simply doesn’t have enough iOS features and I’ve been waiting a few years for them.

I dug into that for my FileMaker plugin.
You need to setup methods for the UIApplicationDelegate to catch some things early and patch didFinishLaunching method to register for notifications there.
it’s complex and unless Xojo provides more entry points for everyone, it may not be doable easily.

I’m working on it.