iOS Tool Bar

Is there a clear, step by step explanation of how to add a tool bar at the bottom of the screen to an iOS project? I’ve searched for most of the day and haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

iOS Toolbars

Thank you Paul. I got it to work for me after studying the link you provided.

However, I still have two questions. Your link explained how to set up a Toolbar in code, can you do it from the IDE?

Is there any advantage of using a Toolbar over just placing a serious of buttons where the toolbar would appear, each with their appropriate “action” given the somewhat kludgy nature of the beast (add/insert Toolbar through code, write code ToolbarPressed to determine which Toolbar button was pressed and take the appropriate action, etc).

No, you cannot do it from the IDE.

The advantage is a toolbar is an actual, native iOS UI element. I don’t think trying to simulate it using buttons would look quite right, especially when using icons.