iOS subclass : behavior property image wont show ?

Hi guys !

i’m trying to show a property iosImage into the behavior inspector, and it won’t show up ! :frowning:
I tried with Text and Integer values, works fine.

any ideas ?

Rightmouse click on the class, “inspector behaviour” look there.
You should be able to select the items you want in the inspector.

no it’s not, like i said, i tried with an integer and a text value, and it works fine, but noting with iOSimage

Confirmed. Any image property is ignored.

Same punishment for Auto.

You should file a bug report.

It’s unlikely that Auto ever will. There’s no way for the IDE to know what you’ll be putting in there.

I did not give it much though but indeed, that would be impossible to simply show.

For images, however, it could work just like in Desktop and Web.

  1. you’d use IMAGE not IOSImage

but 2) it still wont let you

ah the things I do when bored on a sunday night :stuck_out_tongue: