iOS Store requiring code plus app

I heard on a podcast that Apple announced at WWDC that they would be requiring submitted applications to include the app plus byte-code (not sure of name) i.e. the original app code as well as your app.

This may be used for:
• their internal testing
• checking for malicious code
• re-compiling for different chip sets (A7, A8, A9, Metal, etc)
• iOS apps may be coming to other platforms e.g. AppleTV and/or MacOS X

Does this affect Xojo app submissions in any way?

We’ll see if Apple keeps the bitcode optional or not.
And if not, Xojo could include framework as static library (in bitcode) and include in the built app the bitcode apple wants.

having bitcode could give Apple the possibility to recompile app for different platform, e.g. ARM for Mac.

[quote=194242:@David Cox] iOS apps may be coming to other platforms e.g. AppleTV and/or MacOS X


That would furiously resemble Modern API apps on PC now running as a Desktop app in Windows 10. Given the tremendous number of iOS apps available, though, it would seem logical to make some run under OS X.

On the flip side, it means those of us who make a living on OS X apps will see the the arrival of all these half baked, cheap at the dirt of their boots iOS apps that have already ruined iTunes. Not a pretty perspective :frowning:

You mean the App thinning & on demand resources they announced
Submissions for watch REQUIRE this
Other iOS devices do not require it

I didn’t think about app thinning, but that makes most sense.