iOS simulator

Hey guys!

Is it possible to download the iOS simulator only, without the entire xcode package? Or does the simulator depend on some libraries within Xcode?

The reason is, that I am in a Danish hotel now. And on my laptop I don’t have xcode installed. Internet here is terribly slow. Tomorrow on the boat to Norway I would like to do some iOS stuff for a little app I need the day after tomorrow. Xcode is somewhere between 4 and 5 GB. The simulator should be way less than that.
I am trying to download it now, overnight. But hope to find a better solution. Any help?

find another Mac user who has it installed and make a copy.

I wasn’t able to download it or find anyone to help me out with a copy of xcode. I ended up rendering everything I needed to HTML which I pasted into an email I mailed to myself. That worked for the time being. Next year I will have the iOS app ready to run in full galore to be used by my colleagues. :slight_smile: