iOS Screen orientation restriction not applied


My app has the 2 standard screens iPhoneScreen, iPadScreen with all 4 orientations enabled.

I created a new screen iPhonePortrait with only Portrait orientation allowed.

I’m loading this screen like this:

Dim scr As New iPhonePortrait app.CurrentScreen.Content = scr.Content

The problem is that orientation restrictions are not applied to iPhonePortrait screen, I can rotate the device in any direction, the orientation changes…

With the 2 standard screens the ‘supported orientations’ (if any) are respected.

Is it a bug ?
Is there a workaround ?

Thanks !

It isn’t a bug but the way iOS apps define the screen orientations.

The defined orientations for the initial screen are applied to the app.
As your standard screen has all 4 orientations, these are kept throughout the lifetime of the app, even if you load another screen.

Thanks !
Good to know.