IOS Portrait Lock Not working ?

Hello guys,

If I clearly understood, if I set on the screen under Supported Orientations as Portrait (Home on Bottom ) only it should be available for that orientation only.

In my case I set the iosScreen on Content As Split and then I locked the Supported Orientation to Portrait only, but when I put the iPad on landscape it shifts to split mode.

Is there a way to have it run on portrait only ? The split part is very useful on Portrait mode as it allows you to select the needed details if needed then it should populate the list and allow you to do the rest.


Split view doesn’t work in portrait mode anyway. Anywhere you see it in an app, it’s faked.

Well in this case I use it as a standard view as well and not split and still not locking the portrait mode so I guess its a bug , I filed a bug report #50158 .

Thanks .

It kind of works. If you’re in portrait and swipe from the left, the master view slides in.

Are you sure about that Greg ?

This is a split view, this is in portrait mode and yes it is made with Xojo

Well that should be an advantage, I still did not managed to block the screen in Portrait mode , that gives me the answer that there is a bug and that it is not working. It will be nice if it will be fixed soon as it`s quite messy and not cool .