IOS Play Button Disabled

The PLAY button does not work in my tests on iOS, why ?

I have not IOS license yet.

IT was the same for me and for Dave. We spoke about that in Yearly fee the same? No discounts? .

I copy paste my comment, maybe it will help :

[quote]And I read the comment about Dave’s problems. It didn’t work for me because I never run Xcode. I launched it, the System verified it and then Xcode installed its own components. And now I can run the iOS exemples as Xojo could find the Simulator.

It’s evident, but we need to instal xCode and launch it at last one time to finish the install process.[/quote]

I have to install Xcode to release the iOS Then Play?

Strange. . .

Yes, it’s written in the FAQ. If I well understood, Xojo use “iOS Simulator” which is in the package contents of Xcode. If you don’t install xCode (and don’t run it at least one time), Xojo can’t locate and launch “iOS Simulator”.

If you ever altered the path to XCODE during the XCODE6 Beta period, this will cause XOJO not to recognize the iOS Simulator… See the topic mentioned above. Norman and I spent hours last night, until I stumbled across the cause and the solution. Not saying this will solve your situation, but it might.