iOS picker from iOSKit or other

I’ve been using the picker from dtPlugins. I am working on an update to my iOS app, and it doesn’t seem to be displaying. Thought maybe it’s no longer compatible. I found a picker in iOSKit and think it could do what I want, however, I’m having a hard time implementing it into my project. What is the process of using the Kit plugins (what do you copy and from where)? It’s been a while since I’ve used them and cannot remember

Is there another picker that anyone has used with success? Too bad the Xojo control is only for the date

To use iOSKit copy the entire “Modules” folder into your project. You have to first open the iOSKit.xojo_project file, then copy/paste from within Xojo. Then you can use the control. There is an example of how to use the Picker included in iOSKit on the “missing controls” view.

Thanks Jason! I did that originally and it didn’t work. Just tried with a new project and still wasn’t showing. Then I noticed the visibility was off by default. All good now thanks!

Is there a way to modify the font size of the Picker or change it to a narrow font? The current default is quite large, which makes it unusable for me as the texts run off the menu making them end in … and show outside the control whilst picking
Or should I drop the picker and just show a table with custom cells under a textfield when selected?

I tried to modify the font size and color and it’s a nightmare.
You’re better off finding another UI/UX for that problem.

There is a PickerViewMultiline that lets you modify the look (font size, color, etc) of the cells. It will require you to manually change settings here:

You probably need a declare to automatically size the textfield based on the string. There are declares for that on the forum