iOS: MobileMoviePlayer app to replay 28 short videos that are imbedded into app

I am new to Xojo development and I am looking to build an iOS app that plays 28 individual short instructional clips for our youth baseball program. I have looked feverishly for an example to guide me and looked at the documentation but I’m still too new to this. I have created a navigation screen with buttons for each of the play scenarios the app is covering in the form of the short clips. I press the button, the display screen loads and plays the video. I can then return to the navigation screen by pressing the back icon. Any help would be appreciated.


You’ll need the MoviePlayer control.

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I’m sure you’re having some trouble since this is your first iOS app with Xojo.

Something you could do is to present the videos in a Table.
Then from a cell a new MobileScreen could be shown to display the video in full screen.

I have that on a display screen already. For sake of brevity, this is what I have:

1 main navigation screen that navigates to four different screens (i.e. outfield, infield, etc…)
4 screens with multiple buttons to press for selected situation/training
1 display screen that would pop up after depressing a particular button.

I want the video clips embedded in the app, and simply select the training videos through a series of buttons.

I have created an Event Handler for the buttons (Press), but my trouble is how to get this to load the video onto the display screen and play it.

I’m new to iOS on xojo, I’m primarily a Linux developer.

This would work well too.


so I would drag the video files in the project.
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Then you can write (with my example):

MoviePlayer1.Movie = ScreenFlow

Somewhere, you’ll need to drag a MobileMoviePlayer over a MobileScreen.
The MobileMoviePlayer will play the video.

The MoviePlayer control can then play the training video.

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