I’m toying with an iOS (iPad specifically) app idea I’d like to make for personal use.

It’s to help me with my piano playing.

Does Xojo expose any way to interact with MIDI devices? Ideally using Bluetooth MIDI or at a pinch, via USB?

Doesn’t GarageBand already support midi?

I may be able to upgrade my MidiClientMBS and related classes to work on iOS.


Yes but I have an app in mind that displays the music you’re trying to play on the staves and highlights the notes you play as you press them.

That would certainly get me to renew!

Does that use CoreMIDI under the covers?

Yes, it does.

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Just FYI, the really useful MIDI history page you linked to shows the class works on iOS:

Yes, but that was incorrect. So I’ll change the plugin to match the flag.