IOS mac address

Does anybody know how to get the mac address in iOS or any other unique identification number for the phone?

if looks like you can’t

and identifierForVendor is based on a PER APP designator as define by its entry in the App Store… so it doesn’t really identify the “device” and this value could (and does) change [per Apple Docs]

It seems all methods to get the serial number of the device that used to work in iOS7 now crash under iOS8, because Apple removed these methods to protect the user privacy.

What did you intend to use this for?
Perhaps there is another way… or your intent may not be in line with Apple policy (such as registering the app for trial vs paid etc, sinc the App Store does this for you)

based on your post in “What Device am I?”
are you planning on having YOUR app send the ID to the server? or the server attempt to query the device?
If it is the first, then simply have the Idevice version of the app send “I’m an iPhone”
If it is the second, good luck with that approach, as I doubt it is technically possible.