iOS Layout set Parent

Hello all, was just wondering if anyone else has found an easy way of setting the parent for a control in a view?

I’m trying to use an iOSRectangle as the parent for a number of iOSCanvases. I have dragged and dropped all the canvases within the rectangle. When doing so, the red-outline around the rectangle shows (as if indicating that this rectangle will be the parent) for all the canvases. However, when selecting the individual canvases in the layout, only one of them includes a “Parent” text field in the Inspector window and, for the others, there doesn’t seem to be an intuitive way to set the parent object.

When running the app, only the single canvas object that had the parent text field in the inspector is visible.

What ridiculously obvious thing am I missing?

On stepping through, they are now all children of the rectangle control. But only one of these canvases is showing the “Parent” text field in the inspector window (in the Behaviour section, under the visible switch). Bug report?

I have never seen any Parent field in the inspector. That looks like an artifact.

And the Parent property is read-only in iOS.

Maybe it is time to fill a feature request to ask for a Parent property that can be set in code…