iOS Launch Screen support

What is iOS Launch Screen support?

As startup (first view when you launch your app and before you can interact with it) instead of images for all the iPhone/ipad variation you use a view that can have a background color, some labels and, if you need it, a logo

I’ve just started converting my app to 2017r2.1. I’ve added a LaunchScreen, set a background colour and added a logo and deleted my old LaunchImages object. But when I run my app, it doesn’t show the LaunchScreen. Is there something else that I need to do?

Edit: I deleted the LaunchScreen and re-added it. If I just add a blank one, I get an empty launch screen which is to be expected. If I then apply a background colour to the LaunchScreen and do nothing else to it, regardless of the colour I select my app displays a launch screen in a particular shade of blue (I’ve no idea where it is getting this colour from) with my company’s logo slightly off centred on the screen despite the fact that I don’t have an iOSImageView on the LaunchScreen. Is this the result of some weird caching thing?

Edit 2: I tried deleting the Xojo cache folders from ~Library\Caches and I had some limited success. I was able to make the LaunchScreen appear with a colour that matched the one in the IDE one time. Then, despite quitting Xojo and deleting caches, every time after that the launch screen reverted to the strange blue colour. And — and this is really odd — regardless of which image I select for the iOSImageView, it always displays my company logo in the launch screen and it’s slightly off-centre. The only way to have no company logo is to have no iOSImage but there’s no way I can make it display the same logo that I set in the IDE, i.e. the app logo/the logo I want to display. This is all very strange.


Thanks Norman.