iOS issues (or I don't know how)

A couple iOS issues/questions for things I either can’t seem to get working or am doing wrong:

  • I can’t change the color of button controls. I download 2023r2, which supposedly fixed this issue, but I click the color box in the inspector and nothing happens. Is there something special I need to do?

  • The iOSCountdownPicker control doesn’t update if I set the CountDownDuration property in code. Is this not possible? Is there a way to get this to work?

  • Is there a picker control on the roadmap for mobile?



  1. Did you first create a color group in your iOS project. IIRC, changing the color of a button will show a drop-down menu of available color groups.

  2. That might be a bug. Please open an issue

Didn’t know about the color groups. Thanks!

Issue created.

Hi @Jeffrey_Massung

You can set the CountDownDuration property via code (Double value, as seconds). For example the following line of code sets it in the Opening event to 6 minutes:

// Sets the current duration to 6 minutes

Me.CountDownDuration = 360.0
  • Is there a picker control on the roadmap for mobile?

What kind of picker control you’re referring to? :thinking:

Thank you!

I just went to look and the documentation changed in 2023r2; it used to say the duration was in minutes and now it says seconds.