IOS https api interaction

Hello guys,

Is there any example of https use on IOS ? as far as i seen all of them use http and from what i see in the limited IOS docks there is a function or a method called

SSLSettings but unfortunately no exact details like in the old documentation to show you examples on how to use it and so on.

So if indeed this part is needed in order to have https working can we please have some examples on how to use it , it is new field for me and every time i want to try to play with IOS i get issues like this and limited docs and i always quit so this time i would like to try further is possible and with your help.

My goal is to have an iOS interface of an api , that will allow me to login, retrieve data and post data.

Thanks in advance.

You can just use one of the HTTP examples, but use an HTTPS URL and set ValidateCertificates = true if you have a certificate attached to the URL (for example in my testing environment I don’t have a certificate whereas on my staging and release environment I do).