IOS GPS capabilities

I am looking at using an iPad mini for an application that will require obtaining the GPS location and time stamp.

So it leads to 2 question;

  1. Hos accurate is the GPS location from the iOS device?

  2. I’ve read in the forums about getting GPS location but is there a good document that will help me start collecting the GPS coordinates?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can set the accuracy, the best is 3 meters as far as i know.

In the newer version of xojo you can get the location with controls. Example here:

In the older version of xojo you can use Antonio Rinaldi’s CoreLocationLib, i can’t find it atm, but it is somewhere on this forum as a complete example.

More info here:

Keep in mind that whatever the API offers as the best location accuracy is also just a switch that tells the software how hard to try for that accuracy, not the actual accuracy you will get. The actual accuracy can be better or far worse depending on environmental conditions and even the specific device it’s running on.

If you really need it to be very accurate you may be disappointed. It really depends a lot on your specific use case. Apple’s docs to discuss this and also some suggestions on what settings to use for various use cases. You will probably want to read over them before starting any serious project or code.


Where is ‘Examples/iOS/Controls/Location’ ??

Its not in the Example folder of the Xojo application

[quote=352934:@Tony Burn]Where is ‘Examples/iOS/Controls/Location’ ??

Its not in the Example folder of the Xojo application[/quote]
It is there, but only for the Mac version of Xojo since only the Mac version can make iOS apps.