iOS Filesharing on Catalina (without iTunes)

I know that on older MacOS versions, you could share iOS app data with a info.plist and then use iTunes to access those files. Now that Catalina has no iTunes anymore, and shows the iOS device in the Finder, should that functionality work using the finder? I’m not seeing my (development stage) iOS App there, so I cannot access it’s data store in documents.
When I use, I see the path as /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/&E9718A7-40C5-E67345A84/Documents/Filename.txt

In Catalina’s finder, my app does however not show up; is there a way to access it?
Does it require a different plist entry than UIFileSharingEnabled?

Sometimes you solve your own problems; Turns out that even though I had created a info.plist with the UIFileSharingEnabled True entry using TextEdit, Xcode did not like the formatting. So if anyone runs into a similar issue, I recommend making the info.plist using Xcode.

Before Mojave, you had to use iTunes to share files, now (in Catalina) the Finder shows your App Documents folder, and you can copy files to and from there.

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