IOS EasyTCPSocket

I am looking at the example project

If I send a list of data to the socket one by one, it works ok, if I send several in fast succession, then the data received event starts to fire out of sync. There seems to be an auto array (mevents) in the class which holds a list of the next data chunks but unless data hits to the socket it wont read the data from it. How do you force them to be read into the datavailable event, so that I can use the command and data properties to access the data.

Maybe its a bug in the TCPSocket-IOS class, where new data incoming is not firing all the events with all the data?

You can call .Poll on the EasyTCPSocket to raise pending events now.

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In the EastTCPSocket_ios I don’t see a poll method even on the latest build.

Then write a feedback case for it.

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