iOS distribution setup - HELP!

Hi all,

I see a ton of threads about this topic. Some are new and some are old.
I’ve wasted a day on this now and really need to make some progress.

I have had everything setup and working for iOS development / deployment before (over a year ago), but I’m on a new system, and I can’t figure out the steps I need to take on the Apple Developer site nor in Xcode.

I have an app ready to start testing with external beta testers via TestFlight.

What do I have to do to get the provisioning profiles, certificates and whatever else done?
Is there a definative guide online somewhere? Help me solve this and I’ll buy you a case of beer… and I do live in “Beer City USA”.

Chris have you stepped through the guide for adding your developer account and downloading certificates, etc, in the Xojo docs?

PS Your offer of American beer is only going to have, er, “domestic” appeal unless you’re talking about some of the IPAs in Washington state… :wink:

Jason, I did go through those, but will clean house and try again.

Washington State IPAs it is then… See you there!

PS: Gone are the days of the Monty Python joke about “what’s the similarity between American Beer and making love in a canoe”… there is some good stuff now (and I’m not American, so that’s me eating humble pie).

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll report back.

In case it’s of any comfort, I’ve been in a similar situation — Apple certificate hell — a couple of times over the years. In the end what usually solves it for me is to delete out absolutely everything from Xcode/keychain related to the certificates, cancel and delete the certificates online (but preserving my app identifier), go get a coffee (ie wait a bit, making sure I’ve deleted everything) and then start again from scratch, working through it step-by-step.

Jason, this works, but won’t allow me to build for the App Store, which I guess I must do to use Test Flight.
Do I just repeat the steps, but pick distribution rather than development?

Yes you’ll need to create two sets of profiles and certificates — one for development and another for distribution. Good luck!

Cool. Nailed it. Worked.
Case of beer is on its way!