ios dev tool of choice?

hi all,
i am in need of developing an ios and android app. i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for xojo to release their mobile support.
but it has come to the point where i can wait no longer.

so i was wondering what people use for ios and android app development? no it can’t be web based.
i have had a quick try of LiveCode but i find it completely retarded. And i can find much else.

also xcode is a bit beyond me at the moment. :frowning:

you could ask Xojo to be included for the iOS alpha/beta.

maybe. but can we release apps to the app store with it?

I use b4a for Android, Xcode for ios currently, although the developer of b4a has just announced b4i, basic4ios, a little way off release but they do seem to develop and release at a great rate so it may not be too far away.

Basic4Android is nice but like Livecode, it is still limited as compared to Xojo. iOS is a very rich environment, with an elaborate interface that will probably require a while to be correctly implemented.

With some luck iOS Xojo will be around in the Autumn and provide the features we are accustomed to find in Desktop, and more.

In the meantime, I have been using Livecode to create a small app, just to feel the GUI design. I will wait for Xojo for the first release, though.

Couple of years I wrote a little iOS app in xcode for some TV show we were doing, we needed to get the tracking position of the lead car in a marathon. I then displayed that data in Google Earth. Next race the user had an Android device. I used Appcelerator Titanium & took me a few hours. Created a new iOS & Android app in a few hours. Worked well.

Xcode is the only iOS tool to give you support for the full api, if you in the Mac or iOD developer program, I’d suggest downloading Xcode6-Beta2 and give it another shot.

B4A limited? Haven’t found a single project I could not do in B4A. Now I’m converting ABXVision to B4A (Augmented Reality), It will be finished in a fraction of the time I wrote it in Xojo. Mostly because of the good IDE (in its simplicity, no time consuming mouse clicking) and the superior debugging facilities (real time debugging, being able to change code while running on a real device). Sure hope Xojo iOS can do that. Xojo iOS, no camera support, no plugin support at first… Bit disappointed after such a long wait, but luckely declares will be there.

I find it hard that some hard core believers of Xojo (and don’t get me wrong, I do love working in Xojo, hence my blog) are so fast in degrading another tool while their own hero has a lot of shortcomings and limitations too. Every tool has its pros and cons. Let’s hope Xojo is not missing its momentum with iOS. Developers won’t wait forever.


Seems I touched a nerve :wink: Erel got ardent supporters here :wink:

Don’t jump on your horse just yet, cow boy ! Calm down. I never tried to “degrade” anything. I do not need to bad mouth something to nurse my ego. Just sharing a personal feeling. Now to keep to the topic, Android is irrelevant to this thread, and neither Basic4iOS nor Xojo for iOS are available yet.

That’s ok Michel :wink: For me all programming languages are tools to help me create MY ideas. And that’s it, just a tool. I don’t want to favor one over the other. If a language does not fit my needs, I have no problem using another one that will. And maybe the next project I’ll need the first one again.

I jump between Xojo, the old RealBasic, C++, Java, B4A, C# and others all the time, so if Horse would be a language, I probably use it too :slight_smile:

This is a sensible attitude. No programming language being perfect, a programmer has to be flexible.

I use Delphi XE5 for Android and iOS at work.

B4A is pretty good and cheap for Android.

Just looked at the demo video and will definitely check this out. Does it compile to native Android/iOS?

I don’t know much about it, but there’s one on MacUpdate Promo today called AppStudio. It says you can use BASIC.

I think AppStudio just creates HTML5 cloud based web apps, and is not an iOS dev tool, per se??
I could be wrong though :slight_smile:

It uses fake controls (so nothing looks quite right) and it makes HTML5 apps (so can’t be deployed to the App Store unless you wrap the app in PhoneGap).

I’m sure it’s fine for some limited purposes but Xojo are going the correct route in my opinion, making native apps with native controls.

In my opinion - Apps with non-native controls always seem to look strange.
I would much rather wait and get native controls, rather than an instant product with cheap looking fake controls.

That doesn’t sound like a great tool if it uses fake controls and doesn’t even make actual apps.