iOS Declares

Our community (especially @Jason King ) has been doing a great job creating Declares and projects to access iOS features that not not yet built-in to Xojo.

In order to make it easier to find iOS Declare projects, I’d like to ask that people post links to such projects in this sticky conversation. Keep it simple, with just a short description and a link to a project or web page.

I’ll also ensure these are added to the docs at to make it easy for people to find when searching there as well.

Thanks for your help!

Give me a few days and I’ll post a link. I’m currently cleaning up everything, verifying everything works in 64bit, and looking into putting everything on Github (but that part is new to me).

UIDevice functionalities:

Ok finally managed to get Github to work properly. It now contains a large portion of the declares I have put together, and I will be trying to add the rest over the next few days/weeks. Sorry it took so long but it’s the first time I’ve really used anything beyond the very basic features of Github.

[quote=170599:@Jason King]Ok finally managed to get Github to work properly. It now contains a large portion of the declares I have put together, and I will be trying to add the rest over the next few days/weeks. Sorry it took so long but it’s the first time I’ve really used anything beyond the very basic features of Github.[/quote]

Bravo Jason :slight_smile:

I have posted a link from my site.

UIScrollView and UIPageControl

For “GPS” access (feedback top request n.20)

Thanks to Christoph I found a reason to rework my iOS core Lib for 64bit. Curently mainly featuring block animations and transitions for each control. Check out the wiki for documentation:

Monkeybread Software has a few kits available:

MBS Xojo Network Kit
Bonjour, FTP/HTTP/HTTPS for iOS and OS X.

MBS Xojo AddressBook Kit
Address Book access for iOS.

MBS Xojo Encryption Kit
Encryption and Compression with Database Connector for iOS.

[quote=171327:@Antonio Rinaldi]CoreLocation
For “GPS” access (feedback top request n.20)
Updated the Lib and the example view

Some bug fix and now you can put the CLMDelegate in the view, use it when you create the CLM object and use the events directly in the view.

– iosHTMLViewer extension brings back missing features from the desktop viewers (and adds a few more).
– First CALayer properties included for backgroundcolors, border, alpha … for each iOSControl.

I have updated iOSKit to version 1.1. Adds KeychainServices, NSUserDefaults, NSURL, NSData, and others. Fixes several issues for future Xojo versions. More classes coming soon!

– iOSHTMLViewer Extension demo view fixed: Use a Xojo iOSHTMLViewer but receive notifications on its status, GoForward, GoBack and a few things more.
– iOSLibHTMLViewer is a custom control of a UIWebView. Not fully featured (exactly like above), but with a delegate that fires 4 different events.
– CAAnimations have been widely expanded since the last notice in this thread.
– CAGradientLayer adds gradient properties to CALayer sublayer, or use iOSLibGradientView as a custom control with a gradient as background, modifiable by CALayer properties.

iOSKit has been updated to version 1.1.1. Adds NSSet, NSMutableSet, and a ScaleImage extension method. Fixes NSData and made the last of the non-64bit compliant classes and extension methods compliant. Also fixes an issue with NSString which prevented apps from being accepted into the App Store.

I changed the way custom controls based on an iOSImageView are built because I couldn’t successfully override a class method. Therefore they’re a bit rude under the hodd, but they work.
Added CAEmitterLayer – see Animations thread for an example. No documentation on the new class yet.

Added a few first convenience implementations for CIFilter and a few of its properties. Please tell me which Filters and properties are needed – it’s too much to do them all at once:

I noticed some SpriteKit parts have been included in the repository, but tagged as obsolete. Hope this doesn’t cause any problems.

EDIT: And SpriteKit is as good as finished now. A few things missing still (on documentation too), but ready for test and comments:

iOSKit has been updated to version 1.2. This is a major update which adds many AVFoundation classes for reading barcodes, taking pictures, playing and recording audio, text to speech and more. UIImagePickerController has been rewritten to add full support for recording video. Also added many features of the MPMoviePlayerController class to support video playback. As always, please alert me to any bugs or issues.

I’ll be pushing another update within the week to revamp error handling since all error handling with NSErrors in the AVFoundation module is currently broken. The private classes in the module are not stable and should not be used. Also, sorry for all of the obsolete files, Xojo crashed and wiped out my local repository causing all of the obsolete files.

Coming soon, GameKit!

would be nice to integrate the NSLocator and gps related commands in this ioskit ?
I found a (nice) working one here on the forum but can"t remember where
it is named “CoreLocationLib2” and it was a dropbox download, may be by antonio ?

It’s a part of the project in text format so you can use it with version control systems. The one you want to open in Xojo is the xojo_project file. That is the main project, and the xojo_code files will be loaded automatically by Xojo base on the project file.

Next version will definitely allow you to record to h.264. The classes for that are currently private and don’t quite work. You can access the movie’s folderitem using the FolderitemValue property of the NSURL class which might be enough to allow you to send it over the net (I don’t have specific classes for that, you’ll have to do that yourself probably with an http socket). That said we should take this to a private message to not clutter this thread.