iOS Debugging - Missing Simulator Device

Hi, hope someone with more experience with setting up XOJO might be able to point me in the right direction regarding iOS simulators. I’ve been playing with XOJO for a year or so and thought it time to start doing some basic iPhone development.

XOJO 2018 Release 4
XCODE 10.2 (10E125)

MacBook Air (macOS 10.14.4)

XCODE Simulators installed
iOS 11.3 Simulator
iOS 9.0 Simulator

Within XOJO, Build Settings I can see that the dropdown for Simulator Device in empty, with no options available to, chose. Basically, when I attempt to Run my app I get the following error. “Trying to run an iOS project with no iOS devices configured”

I launched XCODE and can see that the above two iOS simulators are installed. I’m able to create code within XCODE, run and it launches the iOS simulator and displays my app.

I’ve reviewed other items within the forum about missing iOS simulators and none appear to give me a hint as to what I’ve missed.

Any help or guidance that might be able to resolve my issue would be greatly appreciated.


Switch to Xcode 10.1 if you can
10.2 made some changes that Xojo has not got a version that deals with the changes Apple made

Thanks for the suggestion @Norman Palardy. I’ll give this a try now.

Yes, the problem was the version of XCODE I was running. Downgraded to 10.1 and all iOS simulators appeared. Thanks again @Norman Palardy