iOS CoreLocation Heading

For “GPS” access (feedback top request n.20)[/quote]

@Antonio Rinaldi , I tried and tried last night to get a heading from corelocation. Could I bother you to explain how to get the heading? MY goal is to get the lat, long and a heading to know which way the user is moving.

Thanks in advance!

I realize this isn’t using Antonio’s classes, but in the basic Core Location classes I posted in the iOS Roadmap thread, the CLLocation class has all of the information that you need for the heading. It has latitude and longitude, as well as a “course” property that is the current bearing.

I’m assuming that Antonio’s classes should have the same properties available so you should be able to get your heading from the properties I mentioned, if not mine should do the trick.


Hi Hal,
For the heading you have to call startUpdatingHeading (for location you can have a one shot position without start a continuos update)
It works.
You have only to correct the last instruction in imp_didUpdateHeading (CLLocationMangerDelegate)
change call__didFailWithError in call__didUpdateHeading
otherwise the heading will not arrive to you.
I’m sorry but I forgot to correct this when I released the Library.

Tomorrow I will publish a new release with these fix:
Correct name for the geoCoder events
Correct call for heading updates
You can drag the delegate in the view and use it for the events without the need to use AddHandler commands

Thank you Antonio! All these declares makes me appreciate what you guys are doing as well as all the other stuff Xojo does for us…


Works GREAT! Thank you Antonio!

I know this is an old post, but Antonio thank you for this!

I think you just saved an iOS project that I’m working on, where we need coordinates.