iOS Controls extension?

It occured to me the idea of building independent iOS subclasses doesn’t work so well like in Mac OS X– it would need a lot of duplicate code, and the iOS framework is iOS only, so no need to encapsulate things. It would probably be better to use extension classes beginning from iOSControl upwards so that every control can use extended features.

I believe having read that someone here is on a similar project – wouldn’t it be good to align our work a bit? (Just have forgotten who it was in in what thread …)

This is a small patch of the start where I found it nice to see you can access every method of an iOS object via PerformSelector, even with a delay and probably even multi-threaded. Here’s what I’ve been playing around with so far – it basically sets up a normal iOSButton and ask this for a few NSObject properties in the open event. Therefore the breakpoint. If you continue before 20 seconds, you will see the button disappear as a result of the timed performSelector call to setHidden:
The second button is only there to see that isEqual of Button1 returns false.

Could be a nice way to skip some delay timers, even if the new core.timer class uses a one-time-call too. In case you like to try:

… although I just have to see NSNumber conversion doesn’t work that way, the control disappears no matter what you forward. There’s that cryptic mention of NSInvocation as a parameter to pass – yikes!

Ok, well, you cannot pass numbers, only objects. For everything else you need that NSInvocation class. But anyway, with a ptr (like an image) it works: