iOS Control Arrays

Is there a Feedback request for control arrays in iOS? I’ve searched and can’t see one.

If there’s none, I’ll create one of course, but I’d be surprised if there isn’t one.

Lack of control arrays is one of the biggest holes for me. I am starting a new project and once again I am trying to devise a way to work around this missing feature. If you created a Feedback request I will put it as my top request.

You don’t need a control array in iOS. Unlike desktop, you can dynamically add controls in code no problem. You’ll need to create the layout constraints in code as well which is a bit of a learning curve but once you understand that it’s straightforward.

Hi Jason, yes, you can certainly add them in code and adding layout constraints is a fairly simple procedure. It’s still quicker to create a control set/array and most people coming from Xojo Desktop will expect them.

For most of the things I’ve done in Xojo iOS, they have required workarounds - I’m just trying to have one less workaround in future :slight_smile: