IOS build - Development Profile Error woes

Hello, I know this topic has been thrashed sorry but I’m completely stumped.

I’ve upgraded to a new computer so I could run Cataline…so I could download Xcode,
purchased Xojo IOS to start a project but can’t get past the ‘Development Profile is required
when building …’ error message. I can’t believe how over complicated this is !

I’ve read all the Xojo forum threads I think, and numerous others.

I can build and instal a little app in Xcode onto my iPad no problems.

I’ve created / revoked / deleted and re created certs numerous times. Deleted them from keychain
re installed to key chain observing how appear and disappear etc in Xcode preferences/accounts.
Quit / restarted Xcode and machine many times.

I have two App identifiers, one as com.mycompany.* - Another as just a wildcard * nothing else

I’ve got a Device sorted with the correct identifier copied from Xcode and have created / downloaded
installed / deleted from Library folder / recreated and installed numerous combinations of profiles with
wild cards and certificates in Xcode.

A new blank Xojo App with nothing in it still turns up the error message.
‘A development profile is required when building an IOS application’
After two days I’m still stuck at first base. As I’ve read in a number of the threads I was hoping one of the
efforts would have just miraculously worked but no.

There must be some way to trouble shoot this. I’ve eyed up the certs and profiles suspiciously in Text
editor but haven’t noticed anything that didn’t look right ?

As I mentioned, clean install of Catalina with nothing on it except for Xcode 11.6 and Xojo 2019 3.1

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated thank you.

Don’t use a wildcard. Try com.mycompany.myappname

Oh my goodness, thank you Art, that worked. I had wondered about that, but docs and the forums recommended using
the wildcard approach and Xcode was working with the Wildcard. Anyway it’s worked, thank you. Incidentally I’ve used the same AppID name in the Provisioning Profile and Xojo IDE as the Xcode app. I don’t know if that’s made any difference but it’s worked.