IOS automatic click of camera

I have a blind friend I’m building an App for, I want to take a photo when he taps screen automatically, there does not seem to be an option to do this in the Xojo camera object. Does anyone know if it can be done by a declare, if so is there any code examples?

I use iOSKit by Jason King which has AVFoundation classes to create my own camera view. The code repo contains examples for using these classes.

Edit: the link is to a fork of Jason’s original work by Jérémie Leroy which is the branch I am using.

Do you have a link, or example I have not been able to get any IOSKit working.

Yes the link is in my post, above, and there are examples in the project. You will need to run AVFoundation things on an actual device, not on the simulator. What happens when you run it?

It just exits instantly when it runs the code to take the pic (on device)