IOS Apps on MacOS

When I upload a recent App to the store there was an option to make it available on MacOS??
Does that mean they are combining the 2 OS’s down the track?
Is it a unified end game? or have I just misunderstood what being available on MacOS means?


Will that eventually mean a Mac motherboard in a phone and iPad?

Motherboard not likely too.
But this year, for the first time, rumours say a Macbook (not released yet) will be powered by the same A14 chip as the iPad Air and iPhone 12.

More the other way around, the first ARM Macs (available to purchase) are rumored to basically be a touchless iPad with a built-in keyboard and running BS. If we’re lucky we may get more than one port…

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Haha that’s what I meant, after they transition the Macs to ARM :slight_smile:

I think the real question is how long before they decide to jettison the macOS APIs in favor of one set of APIs that run on all platforms.

I would think most developers will eventually standardize on just building for iOS with perhaps specific views for macOS and larger screens.

In the long run for Xojo, this might mean there would be no need to have a separate desktop and iOS target.

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Not eventually, it’s already happening. The developer transition kit is just an iPad Pro in a Mac mini house with some extra ports. Runs Big Sur and feels exactly like any other Mac.

I fully expect that we’ll see some ARM Macs with touch screens. Maybe all of them. Using an iOS app on macOS is an awful experience, I can imagine Apple allowing it to happen with mouse and keyboard. Allowing them to run on macOS makes far more sense if compatible Macs have touch screens. I don’t want a touch screen on my next Mac, but as developers, we have to be aware of where the platform is heading.


Can’t wait for iMOS to arrive and have one system as the education market has moved away from desktop to mobile here in Australia but a lot of schools are still half and half making it tricky to decide on a platform.

This has been slowly happening since macOS 10.10 where working macOS API has been replaced by iOS API (that wasn’t designed to handle the tasks that the Mac does).

The biggest indicator with BS is the iOS MsgBox making it’s way to the Mac, without out being redesigned for vertical screens, which suggests to me that a lot of the BS GUI was designed so that iOS apps wouldn’t look out of place, even if Mac apps now look and work weirdly.

The biggest problem I see with this merger, is not only about Apple now considering a $4,000 computer, a disposable item to be replaced within 3 years, is that a computer and an iPad are different tools. If you live in a city, a Smartcar makes sense as it’s easy to park, light o gas. But if you live out in the sticks, a SUV or truck makes more sense, especially given a smartcar’s low ground clearance and almost zero wading depth. It’s possible to flood a smartcar with a deep enough puddle.

Merging the Mac with an iPad has some serious cost improvements for Apple, as they only need to design one device (generalizing here) and alter the look or form factor. Sure you can put a smartcar guts into a F-150 truck, but it won’t be very good.

Right now, on Amazon, 60% of sales happen on mobile. Back in 2018, it was simply about half.

What does that have to do with the business at hand ? Simply that mobile is growing and has already exceeded desktop in everyday uses.

Our first computers had a keyboard and a screen. The younger generation’s first computer is a phone.

iOS devices vastly outsell Mac by a huge factor.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Apple reported that 52.1% of its annual revenue comes from iPhone sales.

If indeed Apple can shove an iPad Pro in a MacBook, or simply run some ersatz of macOS on the iPad, they will have consolidated their production line big time.