iOS Apps No Longer Work Under 2016 Release 2.0


I haven’t been messing around with iOS for a while, but I opened a few of my iOS apps today under Release 2.0 to do an update and I get 381 errors. I open up the same projects using Release 1.0 and I get no errors.

Most of the errors report that an item does not exist. For example:

This item does not exist
txtLevel.Text= (rs.Field(“FF”).TextValue)

As I said, under Release 1.0, everything works fine. What is different in release 2.0 to cause these errors?

check the rs definition now it is iOSSQLiteRecordSet

Hi Antonio,

Thank you very much for taking the time to help. That got rid of most of the errors.

I also changed SQLiteDatabase to iOSSQLiteDatabase and that got rid of more.

And changed SQLiteException to IOSSQLiteException

The only error I have left is:

The constructor of this class is protected, and can only be called from within this class
cellData = New iOSTableCellData

Still trying to figure out what has changed about this.

Yes the other are linked to my suggestion.

For iOSTableCellData:
Now you can design your own cell so this method is changed

where you create the cells you should have a new parameter “table” that’s the table object you are working on

for standard cell
cellData=table.CreateCell //It can take also parameters as the old constructor command

for custom cell
cellData=table.CreateCustomCell( GetTypeInfo( myCustomCell ) )
//so the argument of CreateCustomCell must be a getTypeInfo relative to your customCellClass you want

Your custom cell must me a subclass of iOSCustomTableCell (you find it in the library)
to set the custom cells value you need:
dim myCell as myCustomCell = myCustomCell(cellData.control)

This document describes the changes to 2016r2 that may require updates in your iOS projects:

Thanks so much Antonio! That worked perfectly. Thanks very much for all your help. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

Thanks Paul,

Thats very helpful. I will take a look at it.

Thanks so much.