iOS App Rejected / Copy Files Build Step

Short story is my app was rejected by Apple after 9 days in review. Long story is that the Copy Files Build Step didn’t included my sqlite db file when I set “Build for App Store” to Yes. It works fine if set to No. My Copy Files Build Step is set as Applies To = Both; Destination = Resources Folder.

When I build with “Build for App Store” = No, Xojo creates a .app file and my db IS in the Package.

When I build with “Build for App Store” = Yes, Xojo creates a .ipa file and my db IS NOT in the Package. I found this out by right clicking the .ipa file and using the Archive Utility to decompress it. That created a Payload folder with my .app in the folder. When checking the Package, my db file isn’t in there.

Is anyone else having this problem? What can I do to fix it?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Are you sure the copy file Behavior is set to apply to Both ?

It looks as if it is set for Debug only.

I’m sure. Once I found out, I reset it to both and and tried it again. I haven’t quit Xojo and retried. I’ll do that now.

Same results after relaunching Xojo. :frowning:

Try building the included Eddies example for the store (select a team etc) to get a IPA- when you decompress that and then look in the app files, is its sample DB present?

When is the step executed ?
Before or after signing ?

Thank you Norman!!! It was in the wrong order… Completely makes sense now!!!

It was build, sign, copy. Build, copy, sign worked!