iOS App distribution

So am I right to assume the ONLY path to distribution is the Apple Store?

What if the App isn’t a “public” one, but an internal company only App where they actually do not want any unauthorized distribution?

Also, if that is the only path; I’ve heard there is a long wait for approval - and new versions or changes also have a long wait for re-approval. So an internal company only App isn’t likely to be quick implementable solution?

Better off using a Web App and phone browser?

This may be helpful: Deploying iOS Apps Inside Your Company

Remember that an iOS app can work offline.

To distribute privately your app your company can subscribe the iOS Developer Enterprise program (299$) or the VPP program.

With the VPP program the company can buy and distribute all the needed apps, public apps and custom app.
For this solution you can subscribe the iOS Developer program(99$) and when you want to publish an app for your company, you have only to set it as B2B app and write the email address used to subscribe the VPP.
In this case the app will not appear in the “public” store but only in the VPP store to the selected companies.