iOS App and In-App data resources like String Table, Bitmap, Cursors and Binary Data contents

I didn’t have much time lately to see if is possible to handle via Xojo for iOS app way of handling in-app (local) data resources which was popular in let say old VB 6.0 and other programming tools.

Does anybody knew is it possible to have something like that in iOS apps using Xojo and how?

Bellow is screenshot of old VB 6.0 kind resource editor (which rise old good memories - at least to me).

Screen shot of Resource Editor in old VB 6.0

Thanks in advance.

For sounds and pictures you should be able to just drag those into your project and call them by name. I’m not sure what else Xojo might support this way in iOS, but back when Xojo was RealBasic I know I used to use text files that way too. It’s been a while since I have wanted to do something like that though.

You didn’t get a point of internal app resources.

When you compile app then all internal app resource are bounded (glue) to complied file and you don’t have to include them with app it self. Simple you access them by memory location to obtain specific internal resource.

In old VB 6.0 that was something like

   ' I is internal resource ID 
   imgFlag = LoadResPicture(I, vbResBitmap)
    Caption = LoadResString(I)

It’s not about parsing it’s about reading data from app it self and handling it :slight_smile:
…and of course I know that iOS isn’t Windows, that is why I asked if someone from experience have something like that.
To make it possible using Xojo and provide such things in iOS projects.

MacOS used to work like that. There was a separate resource fork to application files that stored such things. It was pretty neat way of working. Apple has long since moved away from that sort of thing though. Now the resources are just bundled in the app’s file structure. I doubt there is much motivation to reinvent the old way of working at this point.

If you really want to do this I supposed you could use a constant to store your data. But there are definitely better ways to approach this problem. I would recommend you try to adapt to the Xojo way of doing things, trying to use Xojo like old VB will hold you back.

Thanks guys. I will see how I will handle this, this days.
I was thinking also to use constants but since I’m started with Xojo, it was better to ask first.