iOS and sqLiteDB in Web


I have an awesome Webapp, which has over 100 users per day. Now I’m thinking about to make a native iOS app for the Webapp.

Problem is: I use a local SQLite DB on a webserver.

So I thought I make a script or another webapp, which talks between the webservers DB and the iOS app over an API.

Is there someone with an idea, how I can turn this into a reality?



you need a little web service app to pass requests to the database.

Like my Database Connector in my iOS Encryption Kit

Or use HandleSpecialURL and set up your own api.

I recently did a two-part webinar on this very topic.

Ahh cool, thanks.

I looked at the Handle Special URL. I think I build my own API.

Now I have a new question:
is it possible to send Files (mostly images) with this method?
And what is good way to authenticate, that the request comes from a permitted opponent and not from a “hacker”?