iOS and SOAP

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I want to migrate my OSX Desktop to iOS. And here is the code to migrate from OSX Desktop Application to iOS

[code]Dim sm As soapMethod
Dim sr As soapResult

sm = New SOAPMethod
sm.parameter(“Username”) = “username”
sm.parameter(“Password”) = “passw@rd”

// setup method properties
sm.methodNamespace = “http://ws.webserviceurl/Data
sm.timeout = 20
sm.url = “http://ws.webserviceurl/data.asmx

// call the method
sr = sm.invoke(“Login”)[/code]

Is there any was to consume a SOAP WebService within an iOS Application? Or any “Sample Projects” to learn the way to go?

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zgr Aytekin


The SOAP classes do exist for iOS… but you can still make it work by using an HTTPSocket and posting the required xml as text.

That should be “don’t exist”

whoops… sorry I should proofread better…

SOAP classes insure you write “clean” code
and REST classes are for the end of a hard day of coding…


Valentina REST works

In iOS ?

@Michel Bujardet: it should work because the Valentina Server supports REST.

Yes iOS