iOS 2.0 Questions

With the release of R2, I’m considering converting one of my apps to an iPad release. It’s a common request. However I’m not sure of the following.

A) Can we generate PDF files yet in iOS?
B) Can I handle XML files easily yet?

I can work around B, I’ve have some thoughts on A.


The answer is NO. They plan to bring it to Mobile Framework.

The answer is YES. You can now use XMLDocument/XmlParser in iOS. Also like RegEx.

The MBS DynaPDF plugin might work if you have it.

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You can also generate PDF from an HTML file:


Our plugin works well on iOS.

Thanks everyone. Indeed @Christian_Schmitz, I do have the MBS plugins and my desktop version makes heavy use of the DynaPDF plugin. Am I correct in saying it’s untested in iOS right now?

Seems like HTML to PDF is an option as well if I can’t get the DynaPDF to play well.

Sounds like some $$ is about to get spent this Black Friday.

We did try it. At least I posted screenshots to Tester forum weeks ago.

Thanks. I’ll go poking. Looks like I’m about to enter a rabbit hole. :smiley:

@Christian_Schmitz, I’m not too far from testing my DynaPDF in an iOS app, still working on the UI before I get there, but anything needed on my current license for iOS compilation? Thanks

Produces the following error when run

Rename the Data shared method to DataValue and it should run.