iOS 14.2 and Web 1.0 apps no longer work?

Not sure yet if it’s just me or everyone, but I applied the iOS 14.2 update today and no xojo web apps will load for me any longer. These are not web 2.0 converted yet but the release versions of apps that have been running fine for a very long time. They still load fine on desktop browsers, but will not load on mobile safari at all. I haven’t had a chance to test other browsers or to re-create desktop shortcuts and such, but if you or your clients are relying on hitting Web 1.0 apps on iOS you may want to test that sooner rather than later. If it all works great for you please let me know :wink: It would be great to blame my phone and not end up sitting on an email storm of reports from users that I have no idea how to fix yet…

Ah, so it has something to do with running through a web proxy. I am running squid here at the house and with the wifi pointed through that they won’t load anymore. If I turn off the web proxy then it loads fine again. So something has changed about proxy requirements? I don’t know but turning that off makes things work again for me. Thats not an option for everyone everywhere though.

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